[thechat] surfacing

Paul Cowan evolt at funkwit.com
Wed May 26 06:21:36 CDT 2004

On 25/05/2004 1:04 PM -0700 Joel D Canfield wrote:
> So, here's *my* newest: http://FionaCanfield.com/

Wow. Fertile bunch we are on thechat... must be something in the evolt 
virtual water. Or, uh... something.

Congratulations Joel. 7 kids... wow. You're either the luckiest man alive 
or a glutton for punishment!

Thanks everyone for the kind wishes on the birth of Lucy. I'm still 
flabbergasted by the fact that you can post a single email about something 
like that, and 48 hours later have received kind words + good wishes from 
France, Canada, Germany, Scotland, England, Kenya, the USA, India, 

What an age we live in, eh?

Thanks again!


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