[thechat] surfacing

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Wed May 26 08:17:00 CDT 2004

> Congratulations Joel. 7 kids... wow. You're either the 
> luckiest man alive 
> or a glutton for punishment!

Well, since only two live with us, it's kind of cheating, but honestly,
I'd rather have all seven (well, eight when Fiona's younger sibling Liam
or Siobhan is born in a coupla years.) But my stepson lives with his
dad, and my first four live with their mom, so we're actually a little
family of four most times, and three when Rachelle goes south to visit
her dad.

> Thanks everyone for the kind wishes on the birth of Lucy. I'm still 
> flabbergasted by the fact that you can post a single email 
> about something 
> like that, and 48 hours later have received kind words + good 
> wishes from 
> France, Canada, Germany, Scotland, England, Kenya, the USA, India, 
> Iceland....

Yeah, exactly. Oddly enough, my only Nepali friend is in real life, at
work. She speaks English with a Scottish accent, since that's where she
learned it. I'm thinking I could travel anywhere in the world and find
*someone* I'm acquainted with.


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