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Wed May 26 12:31:03 CDT 2004

<quote who='Joel D Canfield' when='26/05/04 15:13'>

>>And to think I'm frightened by the (ever-closing) prospect of 
>>dealing with just one baby girl in september!
> Well, the first one is the Big Change. But after that, you're already
> used to the adjustments in schedule (which is most of it: when you eat,
> when you sleep, when you go out, blah blah blah) and another wee tyke
> just doesn't make a big difference. Of course, my first four were 2 - 3
> years apart, so we never had two infants simultaneously - that'd be
> tough.

Yeah, but hey, where does my online life fit in? Everyone around tells 
me I'll have none for two years. Gripes!

(although, yeah, I know, technically it's too late to panic) ;)

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