[thechat] surfacing

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Tue Jun 1 10:09:12 CDT 2004

Martin Burns noted:

>>True, but being surrounded by Americans you realise that the average is 
>>better (certainly more intelligent and better informed) than the 
>>majority of American tourists we get here 


[Ron painfully remembers strolling over to Notre Dame Cathedral ... 
seeing the doors open on a tour bus across the way ... and watching 
the first 'ugly' American exit the bus ... overweight ... stogie in 
mouth ... and clad in plaid bermuda shorts, black socks, sandals, and 
a replica NFL jersey for the quarterback in Ron's home town ... [1]

... I'm afraid I took it rather personally and had to walk away in 
anger and disgust.]

Fortunately *I* managed to 'pass' for a British student on holiday!


Except for, perhaps, Missus Miln, who ran the B&B where I stayed in 
Edinburgh ... I'm afraid she thought I was quite daft for not being 
able to decipher her interrogative:

<cheerfully />"Beaconfurbreakfastboyz?"

<a bit more sternly />"Beaconfurbreakfastboyz!"
"Excuse me?"

<mollifying />"Uh. Okay. Sure. Fine."

<starts walking up stairs and suddenly understands what she was trying 
to ask me />


[1] Yeah, it sounds like the tourist scene in that Roger Moore James 
Bond film set in India (Octopussy?) ... it was just like that.

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