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> On 26 May 2004, at 23:27, Joel D Canfield wrote:
> >> Leaving the US?
> >
> > in a new york minute. imagine, if you will, a lifetime 
> surrounded by 
> > nothing but Americans. They're not all like the nice folks you meet 
> > online.
> True, but being surrounded by Americans you realise that the 
> average is 
> better (certainly more intelligent and better informed) than the 
> majority of American tourists we get here (Drew, you prolly find the 
> same).

Coming back from a short trip to see my family in the US, I met a woman
from the midwest outside while getting in those last precious lungfulls
of smoke. She was travelling over to the UK with a planeload of
'mericans who were all getting on a -- I kid you not -- D-Day Cruise.

She very earnestly informed me that even though none of her family had
served, she felt it was important to go over to Normandy by way of the
UK so she could meet all of the US Vets who were there. Because, she
told me, even though she had not yet been born, they fought for her
freedom, and if they hadn't won, Americans would all be speaking German

I just walked away, stunned in the face of such massive stupidity.

> On Behalf Of John Handelaar
> [Who's way less US-phobic than his SO, another thechatter 
> from these parts who hails from NYC herself]. 

That would be me. I come from a nation of morons, I swear to God. I have
lived in the UK for seven years, and nobody here has ever, ever said
anything as grossly misinformed and staunchly, defensively dumb as the
crap I hear from people in the US, regularly.

Someone needs to haul these people out of Podunk, Iowa and shove them
into the light of cultural literacy.


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