[thechat] surfacing

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Jun 3 07:01:00 CDT 2004

Bob Davis invited the madman to SoTex:

>> If time and finances allow (and they don't right now), I'm thinking 
>> of a trip to the good ol' US of A some time middle or late next year. 
> Absolutely.  South Texas has a welcome home for you. 

Several homes in fact!  ;-)  If schedules allow, you're more than 
welcome to stop by in Houston ... we'll find something to throw on 
the grill! ... or perhaps we could all meet up on the Riverwalk for 
a drink in SA!

{Sez Ron who still regrets not being able to hook up with Javier 
when he was over in Austin ... Rats!} 

>>Mmmm Taco Cabana
>It is pretty good. Ron?

Hmmm ... I've driven by more than a few ... but I don't know that 
I've stopped yet ... I'd probably be more likely to take Madhu out 
to a Pappadeaux for some 'gator and crawfish!  ;-)

>Don't forget the drinking! There's always drinking!

Amen! ... we always keep some of Mary's magic margaritas in stock!

(Who's off to Ohio tomorrow for his son's high school graduation.)

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