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> I remember walking a portion of the 13c wall surrounding the city of 
> York. (It was quite a few years ago - but it was big fun!). One of 
> the things that particularly impressed me, however, was the complete 
> absence of guardrails ... unless, of couse, the wall was crossing a 
> street. I loved the 'message' that sent ... "We don't give a 
> &%&%*-ing 
> damn if you're stupid enough to fall off the blinking wall 
> ... however 
> ... *do* be so kind as to not inconvenience local traffic!"

Yeah. The other thing I like about life over here is that while the 13c
wall is indeed a tourist attraction, it's just a walkway, really.
There's no admission price, it's not specially preserved, and there's
not a huge sign anywhere screaming 13TH CENTURY WALL! in glaring neon.

It's living, normalised history, and it's cool.

Not so cool are the 'merican tourists running around England shrieking
"Harry! Harry! Look, IT'S SO OLD!" at everything. Arrrgh.

Sorry, I'm super-grumpy about this stuff :)

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