[thechat] DJing the neighbours into submission

Alan McCoy a.r.mccoy at larc.nasa.gov
Sun Jun 6 11:11:17 CDT 2004

In past situations like this, I've often found that finding the building's
electrical panel and killing the main power switch to their apartment does
the trick. They'll think they've blown a fuse because of the stereo.
(technically, they wouldn't have, but if they're stupid enough to pump that
crap all over the neighborhood, they'd believe anything)

Even better, kill the power for the entire building. That'll get ALL the
neighbors banging on their door ready to kill.

Hope it works!


::*:: I need to retaliate, because despite repeated requests, they seem
::*:: incapable of keeping the music down.
::*:: So, I have a particularly horrendous version of *Scotland the
::*:: Brave* on
::*:: bagpipes, but I'm looking for other suggestions. Anyone?
::*:: --Bri

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