[thechat] DJing the neighbours into submission

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Subject: [thechat] DJing the neighbours into submission

> So we have these really annoying neighbours two floors up who insist on
> opening their balcony doors and DJing for the whole building. And it's
> really, really bad Bollywood music as well.
> I need to retaliate, because despite repeated requests, they seem
> incapable of keeping the music down.
> So, I have a particularly horrendous version of *Scotland the Brave* on
> bagpipes, but I'm looking for other suggestions. Anyone?

I feel your pain.

About two houses past on the right side of our house, some mysterious
British has recently shifted. In the night of 10th of May 2004, there was
some party. They began to play music in their lawn at about 8 PM and
continued till dawn. The music was so loud that we couldn't sleep even with
our doors locked, windows sealed and pillows on our ears. The security was
high for that house. Two small trucks full of security personnel were alert
there. I talked to some of security guys and asked them to pass my complaint
about loud music. They said that nobody will listen this complaint because
some elite Pakistani officials are also part of the party. This explained me
why that noise featured three "flavors" of music; Pakistani, Indian and
Western. As I was on my way to home, I saw that somr drunk foreigners were
staggering in our street with bottles in their hands. Open drinking is
theoretically illegal in Pakistan. But I never called the police emergency
number 15.
Because I had another bad experience in my mind from 2002.

In the first 10 days of Islamic month of Muharram, all kinds of exposure and
demonstrations of celebrations, music and other entertaining things are
banned; not legally but morally. But a (western) foreigner in our street
played very loud, disturbing music in those days. Our neighbors complained
them and requested them to listen to music in low volume. But the foreigners
refused very harshly. After some time three blonde men began to kick our
neighbors main-gate. They were shouting, "open the door you bastards".
Afterwards police surrounded the house of our neighbors and arrested 3 of
them. They were expected to charge with terrorism on the "humble request" of
those foreigners. After 4 days of legal procedures our neighbors men came
out of prison on bail. Perhaps, their case is still in court awaiting

That's what we call "Pakistan of Pervez Musharraf".
Syed Zeeshan Haider


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