[thechat] surfacing

Martin martin at easyweb.co.uk
Tue Jun 8 01:38:44 CDT 2004

On Wed, 2 Jun 2004, Bob Davis wrote:

> On Jun 2, 2004, at 5:09 PM, Martin wrote:
> > However, you must remember that
> > 1) You won't be the only good cook in the Davis kitchen
> I do try - can't do Thai though! The good news is that there isn't much
> in terms of ingredients that  I can't get thanks to the greatest super
> market in the world - Central Market.

We briefly considered moving to SA *just* to be near Central Market. It's
that good. (only a small dose of hyperbole)

> There's also Azuca, which is a nice little restaurant near an art glass
> studio (you were there Martin ;).

sorry, can't remember Azuca, but anyone visiting SA should definitely
visit the glass studio:
and subsequent.

> Don't forget the drinking! There's always drinking!

mmmm Margarita. And Corona.


"Names, once they are in common use, quickly
 become mere sounds, their etymology being
 buried, like so many of the earth's marvels,
 beneath the dust of habit." - Salman Rushdie

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