[thechat] DJing the neighbours into submission

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Tue Jun 8 10:44:03 CDT 2004

Sabrina Dent noted obnoxious neighbors ...

>>So we have these really annoying neighbours two floors up who insist on
>>opening their balcony doors and DJing for the whole building. 

>>I need to retaliate, because despite repeated requests, they seem
>>incapable of keeping the music down.

Hi Bri!

It's been a while since I ran into this ... (I had two brothers of 
middle eastern descent in the apartment immediately above mine who 
would [late at night, naturally] move all of their furniture out of 
the living room and ... wrestle ... they claimed they were planning 
to try out for their national Olympic team.)

Since they were rather 'low brow', I retaliated with 'high brow' ... 
Bach in particular ... an hour's worth served up from 2am to 3am at 
*very* high volume [1] ... (running your stereo through a vintage guitar 
tube amplifier can get you *very* nice volume indeed!)



[1] (1/2 volume with that amp facing North in the backyard of my house 
on the North side of the street allowed my neighbor in his backyard on 
the South side of the street, running a gas powered roto tiller in 
his garden, to sing along with the lyrics ... I'd call that pretty loud!)

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