[thechat] Nitrogen Tires?

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Mon Jun 14 08:55:18 CDT 2004

> So ... is this good stuff ... or is this a crock?

Wouldn't helium be better? ;)

So, you can extend tire life by 20%. I've got 75,000 on my Nissan
Frontier, and the original tires look pretty darn good. Do I care about
the tires lasting more than 100,000 miles? No.

Um, they make a big deal about how 'air' damages the tires. Well,
they've taken care of the insides; how do you keep that nasty air from
damaging the *outside* of the tire?

As for leaking more slowly than 'air', how often to y'all have to air up
your tires? I did my truck, um, I think it was; wait, uh - never? I
dunno. I don't remember adding air to my tires in the five years I've
owned my truck. Maybe I have, I just don't remember.

Less damage to the tire wall, allowing you to retread the tires more
times? Does someone still sell/buy retreads? If so, why?

Unless they're doing this free as a public service, I can't see how it's
worth the bother. Unless you like bright green valve stems. On my bright
red (yechhh) truck, I don't think so.


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