boomhauer (was RE: [thechat] Nitrogen Tires?)

Bob Davis bob at
Mon Jun 14 15:13:25 CDT 2004

On Jun 14, 2004, at 3:04 PM, Joel D Canfield wrote:

>> <Boomhauer mumbling>
>> ... cantfitedangolprogressman ...
>> thassjusculturecominuponthebacksideyaknow
>> ... dangolnutzonabigasstruckman ... thassjeshowitis!
>> <Boom />
> I had a hard time convincing folks in SoCal that Boomhauer speaks quite
> clearly compared to many Texans I've met. They still think the show is
> intended to be funny. Perhaps they've never lived with those people, 
> eh?

It's true. I've heard some folks that I have to listen very carefully 
to. Of course, down here it's also likely to have some Spanish thrown 

Just last night, I was getting some whole chickens at the market, and 
the butcher, after wrapping my two chickens up, says, "Che mas, 
amigo?". It took a split second, but I was able to give him the correct 
response instead of staring blankly at him. Gotta take some Spanish 


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