beatles' sheet music (was RE: [thechat] Nitrogen Tires?)

Luther, Ron ron.luther at
Mon Jun 14 16:38:35 CDT 2004

Joel D Canfield asked:

> RonL.
> (Off to run by the sheet music store ... have a hankering to pick 
> some old Beatles tunes.)

Hi Joel!

>>be sure to get a cheat book, not an 'authentic' book. 
>>all you really care about is the three or four-chord pattern. 


Oooops!  Actually, I ended up buying an 'authentic' Beatles, an 
'authentic' Hendrix, and a fancy new capo ... (cuz my old capo 
probably qualifies as an "antique".)

I dunno. I can kinda see both sides there. With the 'fake' books the 
core ii-V-I structure (or whatever) *is* much easier to see ... and 
to remember. But they always leave me a bit frustrated because I can 
'hear' the frills, but can't always work them out (to my satisfaction, 
anyway ... you _did_ mention 'anal', didn't you?).  With the 'authentic' 
books, I can usually simplify things down to my taste so I can play it 
'out of the box' ... but the details are there so I can add bits back 
in later when I'm feeling more comfortable with the tune.  

It's not entirely my fault ... my subconscious made me do it ... I've 
been running such monster stress levels the past few weeks that I've 
actually developed an physical urge to learn to play "HELP!" 

'Course, I should be able to buy some time to chill when I hit that 
state record $120M in the lotto tomorrow night ... 'and you know that 
can't be bad.' {strum - strum - strum}

>>which ax do you play Beatles stuff on? 

Ummm ... Actually, I was planning on playing the Breedlove ... straight 
up acoustic. 

>>kin you play Beatles on a Strat?

Sure kin! I use the double red Fender Lace 'fakey double coil' pickup 
... unsplit ... and run it through the Pandora unit set to emulate a 
vintage Vox AC30 amp ... dial in a touch of 'verb ... and ta-da ... 
you've got a very nice 'Beatle-y' tone!

(Who has played maybe a grand total of an hour in the last month ... 
working on 'Space Oddity' on acoustic.  [Nice tune ... even if nobody 
knows it by the correct title. If I had said 'that "ground control to 
Major Tom" song', then everybody would know which one it was. Any other 
songs like that?])

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