beatles' sheet music (was RE: [thechat] Nitrogen Tires?)

Martin martin at
Tue Jun 15 05:15:31 CDT 2004

On Mon, 14 Jun 2004, Luther, Ron wrote:

> RonL.
> (Who has played maybe a grand total of an hour in the last month ...
> working on 'Space Oddity' on acoustic.  [Nice tune ... even if nobody
> knows it by the correct title. If I had said 'that "ground control to
> Major Tom" song', then everybody would know which one it was. Any other
> songs like that?])

Baker Street
Another Brick in the Wall Part II

another one for you to strum to: Wish you were here...


"Names, once they are in common use, quickly
 become mere sounds, their etymology being
 buried, like so many of the earth's marvels,
 beneath the dust of habit." - Salman Rushdie

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