boomhauer (was RE: [thechat] Nitrogen Tires?)

Morgan Kelsey morgan at
Tue Jun 15 08:32:02 CDT 2004

> You know, us "Connecticutters" apparently speak the most
> genuinely non-accented version of "English" oops, I mean, "American"

> Excuse me? People with a silent 'c' (a silent 'c'? I ask you!) in their
> state are protectors of the true speech?

cough, let's not forget our lovely state was the name that the, errrr,
"local-yokels" called it when us sea pirates first clambered ashore.

having a bro-in-law who is 25% Schagticoke Indian teaches you things. in
fact, on the way DOWN to NC I rode with him. (we're old buddies, even though
he knocks boots with my sister). well, see, i already knew that EVERY
FRIGGIN town name along the way is an Indian word.

finally, my rage grew, and hulk had to smash.
"hey, see that license plate number? that's an indian word...."

> At least people from Wisconsin pronounce all the letters, and *and* put
> the 'c' with 's' where it belongs, instead of clearly pronouncing the
> word 'con' in the middle of their state's name.

I though they said "can" in the middle.
ever here how people from "Oregon" pronounce "Oregon"?
something about "guns"

> course, since I came to California 35 years ago, things may have slipped
> a bit . . .

You say "Toe-may-toe"
I say "Toe-may-toe"
wait, crap, where's that sheet music....


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