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Tue Jun 15 10:47:02 CDT 2004

On Jun 15, 2004, at 6:32 AM, Morgan Kelsey wrote:

>> At least people from Wisconsin pronounce all the letters, and *and* 
>> put
>> the 'c' with 's' where it belongs, instead of clearly pronouncing the
>> word 'con' in the middle of their state's name.
> I though they said "can" in the middle.

My folks are from Wisconsin, and I can tell you definitively that I've 
never heard a native pronounce it without the "can" -- though they deny 

> ever here how people from "Oregon" pronounce "Oregon"?
> something about "guns"

Right, and for some reason everyone east of the Rockies thinks it makes 
more sense to say "Or-a-gone", as though it must be made up of very 
short, easily understood words.

Current theory holds that the Columbia River was once called "Ouragan", 
the French word for hurricane, so I guess we're all mispronouncing it.

And remember, if you're eating hazelnuts (filberts) in the US, chances 
are they're from my neighborhood.

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