[thechat] Geek philanthropy: a summary

David Wagner dave at worlddomination.net
Tue Jun 15 11:12:51 CDT 2004

As linked on MetaFilter today:

The members of the Something Awful forums (somethingawful.com) recently 
took up a collection for the medical bills of one of their fellow 
goons, and raised $12,000 in PayPal donations in four days.

I was pleased to see the community sticking up for somebody, of course, 
but I was most amused by one of the early donations in the amount of 

One of the MeFi comments sums it up nicely:

"Why wouldn't they? They're a community, just like Metafilter. They're 
probably even closer than MeFi. The 'net is filled with good people who 
just happen to enjoy linking to Tubgirl.

Good for them."

(Note: those who don't know about tubgirl should be thankful. Please 
show your gratitude by not asking.)


David Wagner
dave at worlddomination.net

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