boomhauer (was RE: [thechat] Nitrogen Tires?)

Luther, Ron ron.luther at
Tue Jun 15 08:03:25 CDT 2004

Morgan Kelsey noted:

>>Then there was the first time I went to a Subway Sandwich shop on the 
>>lower east side of NYC....The guy kept asking me "Why are we? Why are 
>>we?" I didn't get it, just kept kinda looking at him quizzically until 
>>he held up two loaves: one "white" and one "wheat".

Of course you realize ... this *can* be used for evil?    ;-)

Deliberately ak-CENT-ing the wrong Sil-LAB-bull can be great fun! 
You can try it yourself ... just walk into any NYC deli and ask for 
"onna them thar sea-SAMMY rolls" ... Watch their eyes ... Oh, uh, 
and you might not wanna turn your back to the counter!  ;-)

>>You know, us "Connecticutters" apparently speak the most genuinely
>>non-accented version of "English" oops, I mean, "American"
>>(i don't count myself amongst them, being born in cleveland, anyway)

Gee, I thought native 'youse guys from Cle-vland' only spoke fluent 
VULgarian ... ("Don't f&*% with ME, muthaf&*%er! I'll ^%&*^$ yer 
*&^%*&% and *&%*&%ing *&^%&^% it back to you in a #%$#%&^%&^$&^ing 
sea-SAMMY roll!")

Whoa. Born in the casaba capitol of the Midwest, eh??  ... Well 
*that* certainly explains a lot! When did _you_ escape?

(Who also hails from that certain north-side suburb of Houston.)

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