[thechat] driving and smoking

Sabrina Dent, Apperception sabrina.dent at appercept.co.uk
Tue Jun 15 18:14:27 CDT 2004

> [mailto:thechat-bounces at lists.evolt.org] On Behalf Of Joel D Canfield
> > > Why do people who smoke hang the cigarette out the window 
> while they 
> > > drive?
> > 
> > To smoke it faster?
> Well, it was the first side-effect I thought of. Honest, I'm 
> curious. I drive behind folks smoking, and wonder, if they 
> enjoy it, why it's hanging out the window like that.

Because as much as I enjoy smoking, smoking in an enclosed small space
is not fun. I do require minimal amounts of oxygen :)

And on a purely practical note, the hand that's in the middle of the car
-- no matter which country you are in, and what side of the car the
driver is seated on -- is needed to *drive*. You know: clutch, turn
indicators, that sort of thing.

So smokers who drive tend to smoke with the more availible window-side
hand, except there's not a lot of space for dangling a fag without doing
serious burn damage. Hence, trailing the fag hand out the window.

At least, that's my working theory.

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