[thechat] Nitrogen Tires?

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Wed Jun 16 03:27:55 CDT 2004

Luther, Ron wrote:
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> Gee ... about the only time I see a Fiat over here is when its parked 
> on the side of the road! ('Fix it again, Tony!')

Bizarre, Fiats over here aren't too bad.  I've been driving about in my 1996 
Fiat Punto S 1.7 diesel [1] since september 98 and it's done me proud.  I've 
had my fair share of wear-and-tear replacements - I had to replace the front 
shocks for ~ £100 just a couple of months ago to pass the MOT [2], and 
previously I've had both the exhaust and radiator replaced twice and the 
brake pipes had to be replaced under manufacturer recall last year, along 
with the usual stuff - tyres, brake shoes/pads, yadda.

The weirdest thing I've had to do was replace the number plates, as the ones 
I had on the car when I bought it eventually succumbed to liquid seeping in 
through a crack in the outer plastic.

All I really need to do now is give him a good wash and a t-cut, as I've 
been really lack-a-daisical in washing the little guy the past few months. 
Mebbe now the weather's brightening up ... :)

> Dunno how they are now ... but Alfas used to be big fun ... GTVs and 
> Spyders! I learned the 'Italian slouch' driving position behind the 
> wheel of a GTV ... anything else became horribly uncomfortable!

Hee :)  Spyders look so cool tho ...

[1] http://neuro.me.uk/pics/2000/08/car/?01/015_11.JPG
[2] Mandatory annual roadworthiness test performed by authorised garages on 
behalf of the Ministry of Transport after the first three years of a car's 
life, hence the MoT moniker.

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