[thechat] I'm a happy bloke

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Jun 16 08:04:59 CDT 2004

A happily dazed Norman noted:

>>Just asked my gf for her hand in marriage and she's said yes.  

"Just asked"? ... "Just asked"??? ... ^&$&^%%^&!
Get your hands off the keyboard and go kiss her you goober! 
(Sheesh! <shakes head /> Kids these days!)

Congratulations to you and your new Fiancée!


Wishing you much happiness, patience, and humor!


[Is this the part where we get to offer advice? Yeah? Okay then ...

A word to the wise ... I find that ...

"Yes, Dear!"


"But you look so nice ... Why not buy both?!" 

... generally keep me out of more than an average amount of trouble.]

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