[thechat] driving and smoking

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Jun 16 08:41:33 CDT 2004

Joel D Canfield noted:

>>If I had, say, a cheeseburger in my hand, it darn well wouldn't be 
>>somewhere I wasn't getting the full effect.

Hi Joel,

I'm not contributing anything worthwhile here ... just picking on your 
example ... 'sides ... it gives me a chance to recant a story about one 
of my ex-wives being pulled over by the police ... for driving while 
holding food out the window!  ;-)

True story! ... She was driving along ... and the cop pulled up behind 
and flashed the lights. After pulling her over, the cop walked up and 
noted that he had been driving behind her for a while and noticed that 
she had been holding french fries out the window ... and he was 
wondering why she was doing that. (Nosy cops ... ya gotta love it!)

Anyway, it turns out that she had just run through the drive-thru at 
Mickey D's and gotten one of *those* batches of french fries ... you 
know, the ones fresh out of the grease that burn your fingers ... and 
she trying to 'cool them' before handing them to her hungry 2 year 
old daughter in the car seat in the back.

Apparently a slow day on the North coast ... No citations were issued.

(The 'technical' answer, of course, is so that the rushing wind from the 
vehicle motion knocks the dead ashes off the end of the cigarette so they 
don't end up in your lap. ... I don't remember what it was called ... but 
in the oooooold days cars used to have this 'tray-like' device in the dash 
where smokers could deposit their spent cigarette ashes. Unfortunately, 
in all the newer vehicles I have seen, these seem to have have been 
replaced by new fangled multi-function spare change / cell phone holders.) 

To quote Edith Ann: "And that's the truth! Thpppppp!"

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