[thechat] I'm a happy bloke

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Wed Jun 16 09:40:02 CDT 2004

> So, you're *not* recommending "Honey, it ain't the *pants* that make
> your butt look big!" or "Hey, that's the first time I've doinked
> someone's mom!"

in case my wife ever finds this thread,
or one of you evil clowns ever sends it to her:

i feel the need to confess, that my dear and lovely wife,
could kick my m%$#th@ f&%#$n half-canadian cl3&*$#Nd a$$ if she wanted.

but i can still run faster than her....as long as my trick knee doesn't

sigh, married life. it's SO much better than my little 12x12 room in NYC,
where I had records/CDs up the yin-yang, nice keyboard *right* there, plenty
of beat-up grands to shed on within walking distance, jazz legends
performing nightly....

yep, its SO much better,

[pant] [pant] all this running is killing me....

the extremely happily married one
(really, i love my b$%^$%)

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