[thechat] possible london beervolt, 3rd-ish Sep

Mike King mike.king at redroom.biz
Wed Jun 16 10:39:10 CDT 2004

Now, not being the sort of person to ever take a drink.
I thought I'd be the last respond to this little suggestion. But, seeing 
as I'm the first, I will wholeheartedly suggest the Friday *and* the 


On 15/06/2004 16:58, William Anderson wrote:

> lo types
> Sonic Youth are playing the Carling Academy in Brixton on the 2nd 
> September, and I'm planning to use some nectar points to get Cheap 
> McCheap of the clan McCheap flights down to lahndan, outbound on the 
> 2nd, inbound on the 5th. So clearly there exists a strong possibility of 
> a beervolt on the Friday (3rd) or Saturday (4th) of Sep ... who's up for 
> it?  (also, who's up for letting me crash on a floor for a cpl nights?) :)

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