[thechat] Build Your Own C-17

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Jun 17 10:41:56 CDT 2004

Bob Davis asked:

>>You know this guy, Ron?

Welllll, not him, specifically ... but guys like him? Sure. 

I've met some of the "home grown plans - build it yourself" R/C folks.
I've met some of the "I have to pull it in a trailer because it's too 
dang big to fit in my vehicle" folks.  The folks who have to start the 
motor(s) and taxi to the runway because the plane is too big and heavy 
to carry over to the field.

I think the biggest one I've seen in person was a 'Piper Cub' looking 
thing that had to be about 8 feet from nose to tail. It was kinda scary. 
(Other folks were saying that guy left the 'big' planes at home that day!)

Actually Bob, I'm more surprised the 'mechanically gifted' folks (like 
yourself) aren't on this bandwagon ... have you *seen* the technology 
available for R/C these days? 
.. Carbon fiber chassis
.. completely adjustable suspensions; camber, caster, toe-in, etc. 
.. not merely oil-filled shocks - but re-fillable shocks so you can 
change the viscosity damping to suit local track conditions. 
.. Re-packable wheel bearings

Just crazy stuff.

On the gas side, it's not just single cylinder 2-stroke motors anymore.
Nowadays you can get 4-stroke motors, flat twins, flat fours, diesels, 
ducted fan (jet) motors, even Wankel motors!  IIRC, my brother was 
recently showing me some price lists for bolt-on 'roots' style 

Electric is almost as crazy with hand-wound brushless motors and such. 
Somebody (Team Rum Runner?) recently set an electric r/c speedboat 
record at 120+ mph. [I think they had a meet at Lake Conroe last year 
... about 45 minutes from my office - but I missed it.]

These days it seems to be a more of a cost effective way for motor heads 
to play with fancy technology than a hobby for toys.


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