[thechat] Build Your Own C-17

Bob Davis bob at bobdavis.org
Thu Jun 17 11:10:34 CDT 2004

On Jun 17, 2004, at 10:41 AM, Luther, Ron wrote:

> These days it seems to be a more of a cost effective way for motor 
> heads
> to play with fancy technology than a hobby for toys.

Don't forget that you can get turbocharged chain saws - which means 
there are tiny little turbos for tiny little motors.... I think I need 
a turbo'd lawnmower.

There's a RC race track down the road from where I live, and every 
saturday the lot is filled with cars and trailers. These guys (and they 
are mostly guys) show up with tents, big tables, full tool kits, etc. 
to run their little cars around. Some of these "toys" are scary fast 
(like 50mph fast) for such little things.

I told Heather that the day I buy one of them and choose to spend my 
Saturday hanging out with the RC Car Nerds instead of her, it means the 
honeymoon is over. :)

I can't imagine the money these guys spend. What do you think the 4 
little jet engines for that C-17 cost? He's got to have close to a car 


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