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Morgan Kelsey morgan at
Wed Jun 23 11:30:41 CDT 2004

> Morgan Kelsey noted:

>>I can sit there and read my old Marvel reprints.

>Ron replied:

> Hi Nagrom!
> Well, I'm not sure when they came out - so maybe it's the same thing
> ... Are you talking about those really nice hardbound copy reprints
> of the early comic books?  I just saw those a few weeks ago. Very
> nice!  There were a couple (like the old DareDevil one) that I would
> be interested in ... you got a nice 'discounted' source for these?
> They were pretty pricey in the shop I was in.

I've seen those, a lot have been re-drawn and painted, which is cool, but i
really dig the ol' jack kirby pen.

The ones I've been buying, are the el-cheapos. like, "Essential Captain
America Vol. 1" (spidey, avengers, etc).

The deal is they're NOT colored, just line art (which is actually pretty
cool), and on cheap news-print kind of paper.

BUT -- you get 20 issues or so in one book for $14.95.

Then there's the OLD captain america, from the early 1940s, which I think is
out of print now, grrrr. That s*$t whacked!  Anybody remember "Bucky"?
They're horrifically racist at times, but you gotta love the old-fashioned
red skull who played "Chopin's Funeral March" on a kazoo before killing
people (and how well he survived a direct hit from an a-bomb).

And there's end panels like:
nice lady - "Now that the curse has been removed, the gem can make me rich"
cap - "It's been cleansed of evil and greed."
bucky - "Let's go get a cheesburger!"
(ok, ok, i added the bucky)

Anyway, for you geeks that care, the OLD cap (the 40s one) ends his career
when Bucky valiantly tries to disarm a plane loaded with bombs, but explodes
instead (the knucklehead). Captain America falls in to the icy waters around
Greenland, where he's frozen solid and perfectly preserved until the
Avengers find him in the 60s.

It's pretty funny when he's revived by Thor, Iron Man, Giant Man, and the
Wasp -- you'd think a guy from the 40s would've found them "just a little
freaky", but he's busy mourning Bucky, and then he fights them all. It ends
with the Wasp growing to full size in front him (Captain America, of course,
could never strike a lady). And they all say, "Wow, you must really be him!"

He then adopts "Rick Jones" (the Hulk's sidekick, when the Hulk was sane),
and starts a whole new chapter of disturbing man-boy-homo-whateverica.

Yep, REAL IMPORTANT stuff....

Stan Lee for president!


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