Marvel reprints - wuz RE: [thechat] Netflix?

Joel D Canfield joel at
Wed Jun 23 11:50:08 CDT 2004

> really dig the ol' jack kirby pen.

some of those guys were beyond amazing. Artists willing to do work for
comics, pulp fiction, et al - we're darn lucky they had the passion, and
weren't all wrapped up in their own image as 'artists.'

One of the massive appeals in LOTR is the fact that they brang in John
Howe and Alan Lee as technical consultants to be sure they got the look
right. Howe brought his armor collection so they'd have the real deal to
work from, and gave swordfighting classes in the parking lot. With real

I once had a near complete collection of Edgar Rice Burroughs books in
the Ace editions with covers by Frank Frazetta. They got stored in my
camper our first winter in Texas, and since I'd live in California so
long, I didn't know the roof leaked . . .


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