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<quote who='Morgan Kelsey' when='23/06/2004 18:30'>
> Stan Lee for president!
> Excelsior!

Woohoohoo... That brings me a good while back... I translated something 
like 5000 pages of Marvel, DC and other smaller companies a few years ago...

My favorite memory? Hulk versus Hercules, the previous puny-humaning all 
episode long, while the latter went all the Stan Lee way. He he.

Those were simpler times, etc etc ;)

BTW, a very good paperback reprint I bought quite recently is the 
reprint of "Guardian Devil", by Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada, which is 
very much into the religious aspects of Daredevil (a bit like what 
Miller did back in the end of the 80's). OK, it's not line art, there's 
colour, but oooh, *nice* colour, *niiiiiiice*...

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