[thechat] clients that can't open attachments

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Tue Jun 29 10:00:40 CDT 2004

Erik Mattheis noted:

>>Does anybody here _not_ have a pet peeve about clients who can't 
>>open attachments?

Hi Erik,

I sympathize ... but I don't run into that too much.  Sometimes folks 
send attachments in 'rare' apps (around here anyway) like MS Project 
or Visio and a lot of folks on the distribution list can't open or 
work with them.

What I run into more frequently are the goobers who paste multi-Mb 
screenshots into Outlook. Then the replys come back (also containing 
the multi-Mb screenshot) and before too long my inbox is completely 
overloaded and I actually have to stop whatever important stuff I 
am doing (like emailing today's Foxtrot cartoon to my golfing buddies) 
and read and delete this crap before I can do any more ... uh, work. 

(Facing a boatload of boring documentation to write for the next few 
days. Ugh.)

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