[thechat] Rock Trivia Question

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Jul 1 13:30:20 CDT 2004

Hi Gang,

It's been kinda quiet lately ... so I thought I'd ask a dumb question.

Last month on father's day my stepson gave me a really cool t-shirt with 
a photo on the front from an old rock concert.  The photo has Jim Morrison 
on stage ... out cold ... and in the background you can see some folks in 
the audience. (The folks in the audience are cool cuz it looks like all 
the guys are wearing ties! Ties?!? At a rock concert? I like it.)

Anyway, {here comes the question}, the t-shirt comes with a story that 
I think is probably a bunch of balogna.

Here's the story:  The Doors are playing a show when, allegedly, Jim 
calls Janis Joplin out from backstage. Being Jim, (and being quite 
drunk), he does something stupid and pisses her off. Supposedly, Janis 
runs backstage and comes back with a bottle of Southern Comfort in hand. 
Janis then, purportedly, proceeds to clock Jimbo upside the head. After 
which, this photo was taken.

Again, *I* think its a bunch of balogna ... but I'm willing to be set 
straight if anybody has the facts here.

With or without the story - it's still a cool shirt!


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