[thechat] Rock Trivia Question

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Thu Jul 1 14:35:33 CDT 2004

> Here's the story:  The Doors are playing a show when, allegedly, Jim 
> calls Janis Joplin out from backstage. Being Jim, (and being quite 
> drunk), he does something stupid and pisses her off. 
> Supposedly, Janis 
> runs backstage and comes back with a bottle of Southern 
> Comfort in hand. 
> Janis then, purportedly, proceeds to clock Jimbo upside the 
> head. After which, this photo was taken.

Not authentication, but another place to look: David Crosby's autobio.

>From swinginchicks.com:

"singer David Crosby wrote in his autobiography about the night Janis
met an obnoxious Jim Morrison: "Jim tells Janis she can't sing the
blues, which does not make her happy. Her first reaction was to run out
of the room, crying. Then ... Janis picked up a bottle of Jim Beam
bourbon and, instead of taking a drink, took the bottle back into the
room with Morrison, where she broke it on his forehead. Jim went down
onto the rug, but not completely out of it. He had enough consciousness
left to puke into the shag carpet around his face"

If Crosby really said it, it's a bit more reliable, but then, was *he*
really conscious and coherent at the time? I have my doubts.


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