[thechat] Rock Trivia Question

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Jul 1 15:05:35 CDT 2004

Joel D Canfield answered:

>>Not authentication, but another place to look: David Crosby's autobio.

>>"singer David Crosby wrote in his autobiography about the night Janis
>>met an obnoxious Jim Morrison: "Jim tells Janis she can't sing the
>>blues, which does not make her happy. Her first reaction was to run out
>>of the room, crying. Then ... Janis picked up a bottle of Jim Beam
>>bourbon and, instead of taking a drink, took the bottle back into the
>>room with Morrison, where she broke it on his forehead. Jim went down
>>onto the rug, but not completely out of it. He had enough consciousness
>>left to puke into the shag carpet around his face"

>>If Crosby really said it, it's a bit more reliable, but then, was *he*
>>really conscious and coherent at the time? I have my doubts.


Sounds like a confabulation of multiple 'truths' blended together into 
a single 'urban legend' that I was told ... Jim's drinking, Janis' well 
known fondness for Southern Comfort, a David Crosby story of an 
altercation between Jim and Janis, and a photo of Jim passed out on 

I suspect if the altercation had truely happened 'on stage' it would 
be a much bigger footnote in rock history.

Thanks Joel!


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