Digicam Shutter Lag Time (was: RE: [thechat] Digicam advice)

Terry Fowler quackamoe at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 22 14:11:20 CDT 2004

After using an Olympus C-700 for a couple of years I
decided that shutter lag time would carry a LOT of 
weight when I buy my next digicam.  If you're going 
to shoot still lifes or landscapes and such it's not
so much of an issue, but if you're subject matter is
small children or sports, for example, then the 
shutter lag time can drive you absolutely NUTS!! I
have missed so many good shots of my two grandsons
just because of a slow shutter.  GRrrrr.

I've tried to find a good reference on which cameras
have a slow response to a click of the shutter and
which ones have a fast response.  The best web site
I know of for digital photography,
doesn't seem to be any help.  I looked at the Pentax
Optio S that Ashok mentioned, and at the amazon page
there a few complaints about how slow the shutter was,
but the dpreview.com page on the same camera doesn't
list anything:


Unless there's something there I'm not understanding.
I just found http://www.imaging-resource.com/ which 
does show shutter lag time for at least one camera,
the Olympus C-700, which, of course, I already know

Anybody have any references that might help me find a
selection of quick response digicams?


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