[S] Digicam Shutter Lag Time (was: RE: [thechat] Digicam advice)

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Thu Jul 22 14:33:16 CDT 2004

My fellow shutterbugs:

> After using an Olympus C-700 for a couple of years I
> decided that shutter lag time would carry a LOT of
> weight when I buy my next digicam.  If you're going
> to shoot still lifes or landscapes and such it's not
> so much of an issue, but if you're subject matter is
> small children or sports, for example, then the
> shutter lag time can drive you absolutely NUTS!! I
> have missed so many good shots of my two grandsons
> just because of a slow shutter.  GRrrrr.

Same with a Canon I have, makes me want to turn into the Hulk.....and a
Kodak Sharepic (or whatever) it sucks to.

But then someone gave me a Nikon coolpix. And my green skin went back to its
normal pasty white. No delay, works like a real camera, its da bomb!!!


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