Digicam Shutter Lag Time (was: RE: [thechat] Digicam advice)

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Jul 22 16:59:10 CDT 2004

Terry Fowler noted:

>>if you're subject matter is small children or sports, for example, 
>>then the shutter lag time can drive you absolutely NUTS!! I have 
>>missed so many good shots of my two grandsons just because of a 
>>slow shutter.  GRrrrr.

... and asked for a reference.

Hi Terry,

Sorry - I don't know of any 'easy' reference. 

Yeah, I like the Phil Askey reviews as well. I'm sure you have 
probably seen them, but if not, check out the reviews at 
Steve's digicam as well:

Unfortunately I think most resources give the same answer -  
throw money at it until it goes away! ;-) The really really 
expensive models don't have noticeable shutter lag:

(Yeah - it's not what *I* want to hear either!)



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