[thechat] Digicam advice

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Thu Jul 22 17:28:19 CDT 2004

At 23:49 22/07/2004, Luther, Ron wrote:
>Hard to go wrong with a Nikon or a Canon!

I have a Canon A20 and it sucks with a capital "S".

I've been trying all day to shoot some close-up pics of food and cocktails. 
All the pics come out either blurry (possibly because I don't have a 
tripod), with muddy colours, or not sharp enough even with 1600*1200 
resolution. Whaddya reckon, Ron? (Can mail you samples off-list if anyone 
thinks they can put a finger on it.)

Is it just a resolution thing? Will moving to a bigger, badder 4 MP camera 
fix it? Will it get rid of the wildly overcompensating flash that bathes my 
subjects in about twice the light that is need?



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