[thechat] Re: Digicam Shutter Lag Time

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Fri Jul 23 10:17:30 CDT 2004

Martin Burns wrote:

>                      For the time between pressing the button and the 
> shot being taken, much it is focus time, particularly on Compacts. What 
> several manufacturers offer (Sony for one) is a two-step shutter: 
> half-depress the button and the camera focuses. Push all the way down 
> and it takes the shot. If you're pre-focused, the shot is remarkably quick.

But that's exactly the problem with moving targets, like kids,
pets, sports -- it's impossible to pre-focus.

Usually I set my day-to-day Canon S110 to "rapid-fire" mode and
figure at least one shot of the series will be worthwhile :-)

>> Taking high-res shots of small items for a project, and storing one
>> shot takes -- OK, I haven't timed it, but it seems like forever :-)
> One of the (many) good things about my Canon - it can take several shots 
> in a burst, buffering them before writing them to the card.  

Is that at the highest resolution setting? The Coolpix 4500 takes
(per the dcresource.com review) *25 seconds* to write an 11Mb TIFF
to the CF card; that's bad enough, but the controls are locked for
that entire time.

Is writing to a Microdrive faster than a CF card? Do CF cards vary
in write speed?

Heck, for tabletop work I'd like to find a camera body that can be
controlled from the computer and USB2/Firewire the images directly
back, but I haven't been able to google anything close...

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