[thechat] Celtic vs Chelsea at Seattle en Espanol

Terry Fowler quackamoe at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 4 15:18:26 CDT 2004

--- John Handelaar <john at userfrenzy.com> wrote:
Terry wrote:
> > 
> > What team would it make sense for me to root for,
> > having ancestors from Devon and Cumbria? 
> Exeter City or Carlisle United, respectively, 

Being a bit slow in the head, after I read your 
resonse I remembered that I have the email addy of a
cousin in Chorley, so I wrote her and asked what team
was popular in her neighborhood and she said that
Manchester United was/were all the rage around there. 
Yes, I realize that Chorley isn't in Cumbria, but I do
have a living relative there.

> who both live
> in the lower divisions in the section reserved for
> ageing railway towns
Erp?  Lower divisions, ageing railway towns. Not quite
sure I follow that. Hmm, Exeter and Carlisle are 
"ageing railway towns" and the teams aren't exactly in
the "big leagues"?

> > Preferably a team with a chance of winning! 
> Erm... sorry, colleague.   :-)
One more reason to go with Cousin Margaret and start
rooting for Manchester United!


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