[thechat] Celtic vs Chelsea at Seattle en Espanol

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Thu Aug 5 06:11:56 CDT 2004

Martin Burns wrote:
> Genghis wrote:
>> > * On Fox en Espaqol they were pronouncing it "Seltic."
>> > Is that correct, or is it "Keltic"?
>> They're right.  Though in all other circumstances we
>> pronounce the word correctly... ask Mr Anderson anything
>> else about the fitba team, since he's the Celtic fan...
> The local idiom is actually "Sell'ic, 'n' tha', by the way"

ho, if yer gonnae tawk aboot idioms, ah'll just chib ye, ya dobber.  whit ye 
talkin' aboot, eh?  are ya lookin' at me, ya bullet?  whit ye wantin'?  ya 
want this bottle eh buckie in yer face?  eh?  'moan then!

ohhhh, talkin' aboot the cellic are ye?  nice wan, 'moan let's watch the 
gemme mucker, 'moan!  jist as long as yer no a hun, hehehe!

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