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On 6 Aug 2004, at 12:37, Norman Beresford wrote:

> Eh?  Arsenal are named after the (Woolwich?) arsenal in London where
> they were based (IIRC)

Someone tried to make a claim for most senior Scottish teams, citing:
1) Hearts
2) Celtic
3) Rangers
4) St Johnstone (only senior UK team with a J in the name, trivia fans)
5) Raith Rovers
6) Hibs

When of course the derivations are:
1) Heart of Midlothian
2) Glasgow Celtic
3) Glasgow Rangers
4) Play in Perth which used to be called St John's Toun
5) Played in the parish of Raith in Kircaldy
6) Well you may have a point there.

But Celtic and Rangers are actually early examples of national football 
brands, simply because of their sectarian past - you still get buses 
leaving pretty much every town and city in Scotland (and NI too) to go 
see them play, supporting along sectarian lines. The clubs themselves 
have (mostly) grown past the sectarianism. Too many of the fans have 
not, sadly.


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>> The local idiom is actually "Sell'ic, 'n' tha', by the way"
> Some teams don't seem to be easily associated with a city or even 
> region
> -- Celtic and Arsenal for instance. I guess I need a FAQ!
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