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William Anderson neuro at well.com
Fri Aug 6 07:34:33 CDT 2004

Martin Burns wrote:
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> Someone tried to make a claim for most senior Scottish teams, citing:
> 1) Hearts

The Jam Tarts, or the Jambos.

> 2) Celtic

The Cellic, or the Bhoys, or the Tims, or the Lions (the '67 team only)

> 3) Rangers

The Gers, or the Huns

> 4) St Johnstone (only senior UK team with a J in the name, trivia fans)

The Saints

> 5) Raith Rovers

The Rovers (original, huh?)

> 6) Hibs

The Hibees!

> [snip]
> But Celtic and Rangers are actually early examples of national football 
> brands, simply because of their sectarian past - you still get buses 
> leaving pretty much every town and city in Scotland (and NI too) to go 
> see them play, supporting along sectarian lines. The clubs themselves 
> have (mostly) grown past the sectarianism. Too many of the fans have 
> not, sadly.

... fucktards that they are. :(

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