[thechat] Celtic vs Chelsea at Seattle en Espanol

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Fri Aug 6 13:53:04 CDT 2004

Terry Fowler wrote:
> [snip]
> Busses? Every town? How can that be? I've just been
> checking ticket prices and I can't believe what I'm
> seeing: 
> http://www.optasoccer.com/glasgow-celtics-soccer-tickets.html
> It looks like *all* tickets are $265! Hmm, that's odd,

$265? hahaha :)

> prices appear to be in dollars. Anyway, are those just
> the *real good* seats?  Crikey!! Tickets for Manchester
> United vs Arsenal at Old Trafford Stadium  Manchester,
> England on 10/24/2004 are $750 and $900!!!!!!!! Okay,
> I see that those are prolly not US dollars.* At
> http://www.ticketsolutions.co.uk/order.php?event_id=924
> tickets for the same game are £275 and £300. Add in
> the price of a plane ticket and I guess I'll be watching 
> EPL on tv only! Are there any cheap seats at all? 

That's probably corporate hospitality box prices - "category 1 seating" 
makes it sound like that - either that or some fuckwit is paying 300 quid 
for a seat in the stands ... here's the *real* pricing ...


Just in case you need to register to see that celticfc.net page, SPL game 
ticket prices for Celtic games are £25 for adults, £14 for under 16s and 
over 65s.  I paid £20 walking up to the park for a Celtic SPL home game last 
season (got it from a guy outside selling his ticket, no, not a tout!) and 
about £35 from the ticket office for a Celtic UEFA cup match at home.

Oh, for a season ticket ...

btw, apparently corporate hospitality isn't all that it's cracked up to be, 
not at Parkhead anyway - no colours to be worn, no shouting, no swearing ... 
I mean I know you get nosh and booze but the best part of going to see a 
Scottish football match is screaming at the referee / opposing team / player 
on your team who's just fucked up that he's a fecking this and a fooking 
that at the top of your lungs, hoops scarf around your neck, mince pie in 
one hand and plastic cup of bovril in the other ... :)


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