[thechat] huge need to vent

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Tue Aug 10 17:01:19 CDT 2004

So, after my ex took everything else, she's trying to get her hands on
money she's paying me for my share of the house. The title company
didn't know what where to send it (hello? it's in the paperwork in your
*hands*) so they were waiting to hear from me. In the meantime, the ex
called and said, "Oh, just mail it to my PO Box, and while you're at it,
can you make it out to my attorney?" At least they didn't do *that.*

She's go sole custody of the kids, a half million dollar house near the
ocean in San Diego, for which she's paying me $30,000 for my share (yes,
that's the right number of zeroes, thirty thousand, when it should be
$100K at the very least) plus virtually everything we gathered during
our 23 year marriage including a house full of new furniture and God
only knows how much cash she squirreled away when I still trusted her.
I've got what I came into the marriage with; actually, significantly

Oh well. At least I'm rid of her. The peace I feel *most* of the time
and the smile on my Best Beloved's face when I get home from work
compensate for a whole lot of this crap.

It'd be nice to hear my kids' voices again, though. It's been 18 months,
and she's still got them convinced that talking to me would be on par
with making a pact with the devil. Friends down there have tried talking
sense to them, but she's such a master manipulator that it's hard for
them to hear anything but what she says.

Saddest thing is, all I ever wanted for her was happiness. I spent 23
years trying to make her happy before I realized that only she could do
that, and she never will.


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