[thechat] Speed limits in USA

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Tue Aug 10 23:40:15 CDT 2004


Would you believe that I've now been able to meet another "virtual" friend? 
Yes, John Rhodes, who runs Webword.com (where I used to contribute 
regularly), is in India for a week and we've met twice. What a usability 
brainstorming session we had!

And to think I might have never heard of him if not for the Net.

So, we were discussing cars and I expressed my lust for the new M5 
(generates 507 bhp, folks) and he was telling me that it didn't matter too 
much because you couldn't drive it too fast anywhere in USA. He says that 
the max you could go without exceeding the speed limits was about 65 mph. I 
found this unbelievable.

Is it true? Is there no place like the Autobahn over there where you could 
take your sports car out for a good ol' ride?



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