[thechat] Speed limits in USA

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Wed Aug 11 11:22:02 CDT 2004

the devil's brother said:

> Makes me miss the security of my '64 GMC with the big
> ol' push rack on the front and the plate steel side panels.

ahh, reminds me of my '89 Isuzu trooper -- well sort of -- heh

had no bumpers, three different color quarter-panels, 
and a built-in batman-style smoke screen (the gas pedal).

it was the *ultimate* machine for heading down to NYC.
speeding down 5th avenue, them cabbies would clear 
out like i was moses parting the yellow sea.

then my wife took it through emissions "for my birthday".
It of course failed, at which point (in Connecticut) 
they suspend your registration until you get it up 
to snuff -- far too expensive, my mechanic 
laughed and laughed.

what a system -- if your emissions are simply 
"expired", the worst you get is a $50 ticket. 
with no registration they take you downtown 
to have your picture put up next to RonL's...

sentimental nagrom, 
environmentally conscious by marriage

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