[thechat] Speed limits in USA

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Aug 11 15:33:29 CDT 2004

Morgan Kelsey bemoaned being:

>>environmentally conscious by marriage

Heh ... Oh man, do I *know* that one!   ;-)

My stepdaughter was a 'militant recycler' at age 6!  A little trash 
gestapo girl who would report you to the authorities (mom in this 
case) if you didn't recycle everything possible.  If mom wasn't home 
then it would be tears ... wasn't bloody fair!

It was actually kind of amazing how little "waste" there actually 
was in what had been multiple garbage cans set to the curb ... it 
dun got 'transforamatized' inta one teeny bag of garbage and several 
large containers of sorted recyclables!

(Oh yeah! *You* try to look her in the eye and not put that green 
glass bottle in the 'right' container! She'll take you 'downtown'!)

'Course ... this here is Texas ... we don't do that liberal commie 
recyclin' thang down heah!

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