[thechat] huge need to vent

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Wed Aug 11 18:35:38 CDT 2004

(Of course, when there are kids involved, 
> some states will allow refiling for child support "adjustments" about 
> every other year ... which lets you drag out and relive these kodak 
> moments for decades! ... Trust me on this one - it's just "Peachy!")

Last one is 15, so we've not long to go. Not that I'd have any problem
giving my kids money, but I can imagine the joys of having a pleasant
chat with Her over a cup of tea while we negotiate modified support
payments . . .

> Gotta focus on being happy and relaxed. (It's bad enough 
> being old ... 
> being old AND cranky just ain't gonna fly ... 'sides, 
> clinical studies 
> have shown that it has a negative effect on bass playing skills.)

No doubt! Did I mention that Gene is teaching me to be Chuck Berry in
our spare time? Finally getting some use outta that there Strat.

> So much crap goes through your head ... Did you do enough? 
> Did you not do 
> enough? Did you try to force too much "togetherness"? Are you 
> walking on 
> tiptoes around each other? What do you do if there is a 
> 'problem'? ... it's 
> not like you have any authority to enforce consequences. 
> Blah, blah ...

Yeah. Yeah.

> So anyway ... how's the 'little one' doing? ... (Bad old dad 
> - he hasn't 
> shared any new pictures!) What's the little pumpkin up to?



course, now that ShelliBelle is back home to stay, I won't be posting
pix of her baby sister online, so further prodding will be in order . .


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