[thechat] ripped from the headlines - a speedy news storyforMadhu

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Thu Aug 12 12:50:28 CDT 2004

> <threadjack>
> I would suggest that 'speed' is a relative phenomenon ... and I would 
> dearly love to try both of the following (multiple times) to test my 
> hypothesis ...
> I would bet that horsing a Mini-Cooper or Miata-spec racer around a 
> twisty little road course, (Mid-Ohio, Watkins Glen, Elkhart 
> Lake, etc), 
> at 70-ish would be a lot more fun than taking an old Formula Ford or 
> Lola around a superspeedway at 140.
> I don't think you need the big numbers to have the big fun.
> </threadjack>

My '59 Renault Dauphine was sheer terror at 55. My brother rolled it
twice the year he owned it, then gave up. But, yeah, a Cooper S through
the mountains east of San Diego, where I know every road - what a rush
that will be. (Did you know the '05s will be available as a convertible?
I'm taking donations toward my purchase . . . )


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